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Tanrıkulu Plastik | TKP 04 - Blue HDPE For Blow Molding

TKP 04 - Blue HDPE For Blow Molding

Tanrıkulu Plastic facilities manufacture with of 6.000 tons of HDPE of PS per year.

Tanrıkulu Plastik aims to increase its total waste processing capacity to 200.000 tonnes by 2017. Our facility has the capacity  to process %10 of Turkey’s total production of approximately  800.000 tonnes. It takes an active role in the global market  with it’s enterprising soul and import- export policies.

MFI g/10 dk.
Density g/cm³
Izod Impact Average kj/m²
Charpy Impact Average kj/m²
TKP 04 -Blue HDPE For Blow Molding
HDPE - High Density Polyethylene